1. Office politics is about backstabbing. The people who are most effective at office politics are people who are genuinely nice. Office politics is about helping people to get what they want. This means you have to take the time to figure out what someone cares about, and then think about how you can help him or her to get it. You need to always have your ears open for when you can help. If you do this, you don’t have to strong arm people or manipulate them. Your authentic caring will inspire people to help you when you need it.

          Which inspires me to write some of my own advice:  It is my belief that there are alot of people out there, who, as I have been, “under the weather.” There are three, in my opinion, “stages” in which one could be placed within this unfortunate state of mind.  Those who are really just regular people, but, if they have a bad day, they might slip into an akward moment or two throughout the day.  The second stage, or category, would be those who are good people, but aren’t that great at living life to the fullest…the third would be those who are really having trouble with life and have forgetten or let go what was important (which, I will admit, I have fit into for longer than is, well, lol, acceptable). Now, now that we know these people are out there, I think these people are…hmm, how do I describe this, “naive”??? to the fact that it’s really not right to feel that way and that God wouldn’t put us on this green Earth without a solution.  And, furthermore, I think alot of people who, aren’t necessarily losers, but aren’t exactly cream of the crop, who see, you know, the star of the football team, or the major CEO, and they think that for some reason they are less than that person, to the point that which they won’t talk to this person, because they feel that what they might have to say, the guy doesn’t want to hear.  Well, how do I put this, I DISAGREE.  As I said before, I think it’s very wrong for a person to ever feel so small to the point where they don’t want to open their mouth because they, for whatever reason, feel belittled. 

  1. Don’t worry (notice I use the word “worry”, not “be aware of”) about what’s wrong with you.  Just do the next right thing and move on.” I think you’ll find out later that whatever it is you thought was wrong with you is no longer existent.  For it is only through constructive action that you can become aware of what’s wrong with you.  I digress, the key to changing is not worrying about whatever defect you might have, but being aware of what’s wrong with you. To use a phrase I used earlier, I think you’ll find that once you are aware of it, you’ll naturally SHIFT into a more rational, well, rationale…there’s a difference between the first state of mind and the second state of mind…you’re either sitting there wondering, or worrying about what’s wrong with you, or you REALIZE what’s wrong with you, at which point you should shift into your natural “element”…you follow? – Alex Front