Recently, my brother gave me two books for my birthday: The Tao of Pooh and The Celestine Prophecy. He gave me these so that I could enrich my life. Well, I look forward to reading those but, last night, I took some time out, unplanned, to take my own measures. I spent the night perusing’s guides written by several hundred people about the best in music. Fom what i gather, these are the best:

Hip-Hop ( taken from my facebook profile: Trust Me, It’s disgusting…

For the Rest of My Life, i refuse to Do the Following Things,

go to a nightclub and listen to that disgusting music
ever buy into some brainwashed bocephus talkin’ shit
ever listen to mainstream rap bullshit: pop, lock, and suck my cock

if you disagree with me, stay the FUCK away from me

and i’m not gonna be cliche either, and say i’ll pray for you, cause i have no power over that, you’ll come around when you come around, if it’s even in this lifetime

thats it, come again)

commenting on how disgustingly OFF rap music is today

here they are:

Black Star featuring – Mos Def & Talib Kweli

Reflection Eternal/Train of Thought -Talib Kweli

It Takes A Nation of A Million To Hold Us Back – Public Enemy

Black On Both Sides – Mos Def

Things Fall Apart – The Roots

All Albums by A Tribe Called Quest

Enter The Wu – Wu Tang Clan

i’d like to check out De La Soul too

Unknown Rock:

All Albums – O.A.R.

All Albums – Dispatch

Lost And Gone Forever – Guster

Of course, this is just a slice, not the pie, blah


then theres stuff like bela fleck, bluegrass, and THE GREYBOY ALLSTARS, oh, and Victor Wooten

Supernatural – Santana and Is This It – The Strokes