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We’ve all been there.  We’ve been trying to get to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow and we have to get to sleep.  After 15 minutes, drowsiness has set in and our eyelids are about shut.  Then, suddenly, we remember a piece of information that we absolutely have to remember tomorrow morning.  We shake off our drowsiness, get out of bed, and grope our way to the dining room to write ourselves a note, and then stumble our way back to bed to start the process all over again.  Thirty minutes wasted.  Some will mitigate the damage by placing a note pad on the night stand.  If you’re like me, however, my mind takes a few minutes to gain enough clarity to be able to write.  As a result, just writing it down is a struggle.There is an easier way.  Although there are no guarantees, someone once taught me to do anything unusual that, in the morning light, will make one wonder why it was done.  This should be something that requires less clarity and effort than grabbing a pad of paper, finding a pen, and turning on the light to write a note.  So, reach over and turn your alarm clock upside down, lay the night stand lamp on its side, place a shoe in a drawer, or drape your house coat over the lamp.  In the morning, when you rise, the first thought you will have after rising will be, “Why the hell did I do that??”  At that time, natural memory will take over and remind you.

In the years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve remembered my important reminder each morning.  Give it a try and see if it works for you as well.

i just wanted everyone to see this photo. i thought the colors in it are “absolutely magnificent”(holding my pinkey finger next to my mouth)

the guy in the red shirt cracks me up.
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This week, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow brings his mixture of menace and mockery back to the big screen in Pirates Of The Caribbean 3.

But the real pirate he is based on would have eaten the skittish Jack Sparrow for breakfast and spat out his bones into the deep blue sea.

Black Bart, the real pirate of the Caribbean and inspiration for Jack Sparrow’s character Click here for full article.

1. I was walking into Wal-mart to get some golf balls when i accidentally stepped on the very back of this black guy’s shoe. “Sorry about that,” i said to hip as i passed him up. boom. the fucknut hits me in the back with his cart and i run into the clothing rack in front of me. “sorry about that,” he said, sarcastically. which reminds me of a time in 6th or 7th grade when a black girl punched me in the stomach for accidentally doing the same thing. don’t ever step on the back of a black person’s shoe. it REALLY ticks them off. :-)hey, you know what, while i’m at it:

– don’t ever smoke in crowd. cause when the drunk guy in front of you stumbles his drunk ass into your lit cigarette, it’s your fault

– don’t ever be born with good genes and grow up to be hot and then go to a party cause when all the girls form a circle around you the star football player will want to fight you

– and finally, don’t ever be talented at anything because when you and the fucknut that isn’t is around another group of people he WILL shoot you down for something you’ve never heard of

and, to those who are on the short end of this story, just like my mom said, i’ve got more talent in my pinky finger than you have in your whole family (corny, but damn, so true)

2. i was at the golf course, walking to the first tee, when an oriole (the bird) started repeatedly trying to divebomb me. i’d go hide underneath a tree for a few seconds and as soon as i would walk out, there he was again, trying to divebomb me, which was weird cause there was a group in front of me who that oriole didnt seem to have a problem with. Then it happened again on like, the 8th or 9th hole, and it was a completely different species of bird.

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